Common Mistakes when PitchingEver wonder what the most common miss/hit golfswings are when pitching a golf ball? It's when you top it, when you skull it, or when you hit it real, real thin and it runs over the green. I'm going to tell you why that happens.

A little review of the setup: ball in the middle of your stance, your weight left and handle forward. But here's the first mistake most of you make.

When the club starts back, you start back. Now 70% of your weight isn't on your left leg. And if you do that, it's very difficult to get the club underneath the golf ball.

So, the most common golfswing is when you slide backwards and you hit the ground behind it, or you top it or skull it.

Now, here's the next most common mistake that I've seen over the years. Everybody thinks that to hit a great pitch shot you have to have this beautiful, high followthrough.

As a matter of fact, that is not true for pitching the ball up in the air.

It's a very pretty golfswing, but so many of you have been sold on the idea that you have to follow through real high.

To stop from skulling or topping the ball, weight in the middle, handle left, weight on your left side, swing the arms up and swing the arms down in the downswing.Up/down makes the golf ball go up.

Now, many golfers hit it fat. This is caused by the club being to vertical. If you go too vertical, you'll wind up chopping the floor.

After you get all set up, make sure you're not leaning too far over on the left side. A little weight on your left side, but the trick is to swing the golf club up on the inside. And that will give the golf club a little better angle into the back of the ball.

Try these golfswings the next time you're out. I promise you it'll help you.


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